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What determines the price for creating an online store?

Most entrepreneurs sooner or later become interested in creating their own online store, this is especially true in our time, as more and more people are shopping online. And the first question that arises for everyone who wants to have their own online store is the price of creating such a product from scratch.

If you look at the prices for developing a website, you would be able to see huge gap between lowest and highest prices. Where some would offer to create an online store for as low as 100£ and others might have a price of 6000£ for a fully functional ecommerce store. So the questions is, why is there such a huge price difference ? First of all, we must mention that developing an online – store, it self is more expensive than developing any other type of website, this is due to amount of work that needs to be done in order to get fully functional and independent online store.

The lower the cost of developing an online store, the higher the chance of getting a raw and unfinished product, which in the future will either bring very little results, or no results at all. In order to determine a real price for the development of your website, you need to get your head around these 3 price categories:

1. Budget price – budget option would be anywhere from 400£ and up to 900£

2. Average price – most websites would be here and starting from 900£ and up to 2000£

3. Higher price – these would be premium options starting at 2000£ and going up to 7000£

In addition to the volume of work needed to develop your online store, the cost is also dependent on the functionality that is included in the main structure of the site. For example, in our web studio for most of the sites you have available: Basic, advanced and unique packages. And the price of all packages increases in proportion to their functionality, design, layout and the total volume of work. We also want to warn you that all packages contain only some of the capabilities of your future site, in fact, the functionality that you can add is limitless, it all depends on your budget.

Why you must not order a website that is too cheap ?

Now, let’s figure out what a cheap website is and what you need to be prepared for when purchasing such a product.

A cheap site – is often developed on a free template or web constructor, there is no need for a web designer, a programmer  or an SEO expert. Which means that the price for creating such website would be pretty low, for example, in such cases, you will be able to order the development of an online store for as low as 200£, sounds tempting right? But what do you get for that price ?

– Poorly designed website that would most probably not even be able to perform it’s function.

– You won’t have the ability to edit any of your web site content, including the hosting files.

– Speaking about hosting, you are most likely to get a slow hosting server that won’t rank your website in google.

– You also won’t get the tech support and in case of arising problems, you’ll have to fix them yourself.

We have listed only the main problems that you may encounter when ordering a site for a very low price, in reality there may be much more difficulties.

In addition, if you decide to continue with your ecommerce store, you will still need to get help from web experts.

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